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Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C.

Immigration Law | 314.983.9911

Susan Cho Figenshau is an AV™ rated attorney practicing solely in the field of immigration law more than 20 years.

Who We Serve

Our St. Louis immigration attorney team proudly serves individuals and companies—including both large publicly-traded companies and closely-held entities—from all market segments including (but not limited to):



Susan Cho Figenshau, Immigration Lawyer

Susan Cho Figenshau is a leader in the practice of immigration law.  During the past two decades, she has worked side by side with business executives and individuals to achieve immigration success using an extraordinary fund of knowledge of business objectives and operational procedures and guidelines, overcoming criminal convictions and other impediments, and real-world logistics.

She starts every relationship with significant research about the client and the facts, and a detailed analysis of issues, timelines, probabilities, and costs.  She is a frequent speaker on immigration law topics.


  • Saint Louis University (Cum Laude) – Juris Doctor
  • University of MO School of Journalism (University Scholar) – Bachelor of Journalism

Professional Memberships:

  • Missouri Asian American Bar Association
  • Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (Member of the Immigration Law Committee)
  • American Immigration Lawyer’s Association


Walter Kim, Paralegal and Senior Research Analyst

Walter Kim is a Paralegal and Senior Research Analyst with Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. Mr. Kim has more than 15 years of experience working in the area of business and family immigration.

Mr. Kim’s primary focus is on employment-based immigration, including nonimmigrant visa, immigrant visa, and naturalization. Mr. Kim serves a wide variety of industries including Construction, Educational, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Medical, R&D, Religious, Technology, and Telecommunications. Mr. Kim has extraordinary skills in legal research, factual investigation, documentation production, and reporting.


  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, Minneapolis, MN
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Statistics/Bio-Statistics

Languages Spoken:

  • Korean


More than 20 Years Helping Companies, Immigrants, and Foreign Nationals Nationwide Solve Legal Issues and Answer Legal Questions

Even with abundant publicly available information, United States Immigration and Nationality laws and processes are complex and confusing. Excellent strategy, troubleshooting, execution minimizes delays and maximizes viability in all contexts including work -employment settings, NAFTA-Canada-Mexico-USA work-employment situations, family based immigration, adjustment of status-green card-permanent residence matters, naturalization-citizenship quests, and criminal or asylum-refugee processes.

Our Immigration Practice Areas

At Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C., our practice is limited to providing help, counseling, and legal representation with ever-evolving immigration issues, problems, and projects.

We bring more than 20 years of experience and an unparalleled level of factual and background research to bear to understand all facts and goals, provide succinct business analysis, develop and gather evidence and supporting documentation, project plans-timelines-budgets-viability assessments. With this sophisticated approach to the practice of Immigration and Nationality Law, we are able to avoid or overcome issues, problems, delays, and denials. In short, we maximize probabilities for success in our practice areas.

Business Immigration (H-1B, H-2B, H-3, L-1, TN, O-1, R-1), PERM, EB1 and EB2

We start with an excellent foundation with substantive law from the start so we can learn all relevant facts and explore options for specialty occupations, temporary workers, trainees, intra-company transferees, NAFTA professionals, outstanding professionals, and religious workers in both the nonimmigrant-temporary visa scenarios and in the pursuit of lawful permanent residence-green card settings utilizing PERM (in both EB3 and EB2), EB1 and EB2 immigrant petitions with labor certification waivers.

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C., with its solid intelligence regarding corporate law, human resources fundamentals, and business planning-budgeting provides all elements for making strategic decisions and gathering all necessary evidence and supporting documentation for visas and permits for work-employment-business, both temporary and permanent.  This includes prevailing wage strategies and research (including private wage survey usage), role descriptions and organizational charts, and business necessity rationales.  We work with all types of employers-companies (Construction, Educational, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Medical, R&D, Religious, Technology, Telecommunications).  We work with all types of jobs (Superintendent, Researcher, Teacher, Nurse, Laboratory Technologist, Physician, Nurse, Retail Outlet Manager, Display Designer, PLC Programmer, Applications Engineer, Food Scientist, Religious Instructor, Cantor, Network Architect, BI Analyst and beyond).

Family Based Immigration

Our firm’s practice in Family Based Immigration was born from “problem” cases.  Working mostly with foreign nationals and immigrants in the employment-work-business setting, we find most people can negotiate Family Based Immigration (Spouse, Parent, Child) petitions and procedures with minimal outside help.

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. minimizes preparation time and costs and maximizes success in all cases – especially those where there is a potential bar or impediment to the result-goal-benefit sought.  These include situations where petitioner and beneficiary spouse reside in two different countries and employment-work-business makes staying together in the United States for several months or more difficult or impossible, petitioner lacking income equal to 125% of federal poverty guidelines, timing and travel problems, past arrests-accusations-criminal proceedings.

Naturalization Involving Impediments

Nearly every person can “fill a form,” including the Application for Naturalization form.  Respecting this fact, Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. helps clients with strategy and execution to minimize preparation time and effort, minimize government-USCIS processing time, and achieve citizenship-naturalization.

Our firm provides outstanding help and remedies for the applicant who has a complex issue, such as the applicant who resides apart from his/her spouse, or has had a criminal arrest-charge-conviction or court proceeding-case, or has questions regarding duration of physical presence in the United States.

I-9 Compliance

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. provides all employer compliance services ranging from the answer to a “quick” question to an entire compliance plan, procedures, documents, and user training.  When you speak with an I-9 and employer compliance lawyer, most answers are nearly instantaneous because Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. has been providing guidance and advice for more than 20 years.

Contact Us for St. Louis and Nationwide Green Card Lawyers With a Proven Success Record.

We are committed to our clients, and we provide the highest level of expertise, research, and diligence for our clients.  Contact us by phone 314-983-9911 or online to discuss any immigration issue, case, question, or problem.

USA-Canada-Mexico Work Permits/International Assignments Pursuant to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. is at the leading edge of employment-work-business related immigration options.  To overcome the costs, time burdens, quotas, and ever-changing treatment of H-1B specialty occupation and L-1 intra-company transferee visa options, the firm always considers immigration and visa options pursuant to the NAFTA for any employment-work-business circumstances involving a person who is born in one of these three countries and who wishes to work in one of these three countries.

In each year, the firm successfully achieves immigration and visa goals utilizing the NAFTA as an option to general immigration law in at least one hundred cases.

Adjustment of Status/Green Card Involving Complications or Impediments

As with Family Based Immigration, our firm’s practice in Adjustment of Status/Green Card matters was born from “problem” cases.  Because most of our clients and applicants are foreign nationals and immigrants who can file routine applications with minimal help, our cases frequently involve complications, bars to adjustment of status, and other impediments.

Again, Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. provides clients with strategy and execution to avoid and overcome especially those where there is a potential bar or impediment to the result-goal-benefit sought.  These include problems with Affidavit of Support, personal or business need to travel abroad, marriage after one spouse has already filed or has already had approved lawful permanent resident status/green card, and arrests-accusations-criminal proceedings.

Immigration Criminal Matters and Asylum/Refugee Matters

For a foreign national – for any person who is born somewhere other than the United States – any arrest-charge-conviction under a criminal law could have serious bad consequences.

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. is not a usual “litigation” firm.  We engage specialized litigators for specific problems, clients, courts where necessary.  We provide the highest level of protection of your rights against any criminal charges and avoid or overcome negative-adverse immigration consequences for you and your loved ones.  Our success includes overcoming charges of DUI-DWI, fraud, domestic assault in the immigration context.

In addition, despite similar biographies and histories, no two asylum-refugee applications are the same.  The strongest and most successful applications and applicants are those who present the strongest evidence.  Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C., with its unparalleled factual and background research capabilities – even employing full time and for the duration of the firm – the same Senior Research Analyst – suggests, prepares, gathers expert witness testimony and affidavits, tailored, case-specific factual and background research.

J-1 Waivers

The law about the two year foreign residency requirement is simple.  Preparation of waiver applications, however, seems daunting.

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C., with its 20 years of experience working with foreign nationals-immigrants, and companies-employers, has prepared or provided high level outside counsel services relative to J-1 waiver applications in every setting, including waivers involving Physicians and Hardship.

Delegate or Keep Up to Date in Real-Time

Any client who wants to expend minimal time and receive turn-key services can delegate matters, questions, problems, and projects to our firm.  Any client who wants to participate closely may do so and receive the most current and creative education and training available anywhere.