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immigration law groupOver the summer, you may have heard of one young couple’s immigration nightmares coming true. Newlyweds Joshua Hedges and Elizaveta, a Russian immigrant, were married this July in Salt Lake City. After enjoying a honeymoon in Mexico, they tried to fly home, but were stopped by a border agent.

“He asked us why we were standing together, and I said, well, we had just gotten married,” said Joshua. “He said, ‘Well, you’ve filed to change her status haven’t you?'”

You can probably guess where this is going. Joshua’s young bride was sent to Russia, without him. Her tourist visa was no longer valid, and now it could be at least a year before the lovebirds see each other again.

If you are a foreign-born worker living in the United States, then you already know how hard is it to obtain a workers visa. Sometimes, it feels like federal immigration law was designed to be as complicated as possible. Combine that with new immigration laws and increased enforcement along the Mexico and Canadian borders, and it’s absolutely crucial that you are in total compliance with United States immigration laws.

How Do You Avoid Immigration Nightmares?
First, never make Joshua’s mistake. The young groom called the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services before his marriage. He either misunderstood, or was misinformed about the law, and he paid a high price for his ignorance. Never, ever assume you understand the law, always do your research to make sure you’ve completed all the necessary paperwork and requirements.

There’s a reason so many foreign-born workers in the United States choose to work with top immigration law groups. The best way to protect yourself from making a major mistake? Find a good immigration lawyer to fight for you. Virtually every city in the country has immigration law groups that specialize in helping immigrants, foreign workers, and refugees understand the law. Working with a practiced immigration law attorney is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

In 2012, there were 40.8 million immigrants living in the United States, and about 28% came from Mexico. Since then, that number has continued to reach record levels, making immigration a controversial topic in American politics. The USCIS receives about six million petitions and applications every year from workers and employers, but only 1,001,715 green cards are issued on average. That means your application has to be perfect, and an immigration law group can help you better understand the process.

Remember: this is not official legal advice. Only your paid legal representative can give you legal counsel.