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illegal immigrant lawsThere are a lot of harmful misconceptions about immigration in the United States. These myths spread ignorance and intolerance, and may contribute to the lingering indecision and contention about U.S. immigrants. Here is the truth about immigration and illegal immigration laws, once and for all.

Illegal Immigration Is Rampant In The U.S.

Despite of what you may hear, United States immigration laws are very much in place — and they’re enforced, too. The vast majority of immigrants follow due legal process. Among those who aren’t in the country entirely legally, most entered the country 100% legally and, since then, their papers or documentation expired. People who are here illegally get deported, and it’s not nearly as uncommon as you may think. What’s more, federal immigration law is always subject to change. For example, every year, the president determines how many refugees can and cannot enter the U.S. Approximately 1,001,715 immigrants get a green card annually as well, but that number is not a promise or guarantee.

Immigrants Steal Jobs

Why are illegal immigration laws and new immigration laws so mutable? Why are they always changing? It may be, in part, due to dangerous misconceptions. Many Americans believe that immigrants steal jobs from U.S. workers, and — for that reason — they want to do whatever they can to make certain immigration laws are even stricter than ever. Research shows that this is not correct. Overwhelmingly, Americans are living longer lives, and more young Americans are going to college. This means that fewer Americans are seeking and accepting low-paying jobs that do not require higher education. These jobs need to be filled, however, and that’s where immigrants come in. Immigrants are willing to accept jobs that many U.S. workers are not.

Between 1870 and 1930, more than 30 million people immigrated to the U.S. Immigration is much more complicated than it was then, and immigration laws are tearing apart families, among other things. Understanding that immigration law is strictly enforced and immigrant workers are serving a very important role is essential to understanding.